Picky Duck Refuses Free Bread

“I ain’t trifling with no stale ass bread.”

You can buy these at etsy.com/shop/WhatParty.


  1. Posted by Zach, on 27 March, 2011

    Can I PLEASE purchase this? Name your price.

  2. Posted by Stephanie Tillman, on 28 March, 2011

    Yes you can! I sell them for $40. You can go to whatparty@etsy.com
    or email directly at stephanietillman@gmail.com

  3. Posted by Jacky, on 22 November, 2011

    Your etsy store says there was only 1 and it was already sold. Are you planning on making more?

  4. Posted by Stephanie Tillman, on 26 November, 2011

    I will happily make you a duck embroidery. I can reserve it for you in my etsy store, no problem.